Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ILA Keynote Notes -- Jenny

Stephen Abram on Library 2010

Once again Stephen was a tour de force of information, the charming storm announcing the coming hurricane. Here are some of the sound bites dropped during the speech.

70% of Canadians live south of you in warmer elevations.

Patron: “Do you have a book?”
Which really means
“Are your lights on? Are you home? Are you listening?”

A Library’s talent at the reference desk, it is the four minutes when we talk to the old person to make them less lonely that has a real impact.

Librarians LIKE to answer questions
(most people don’t which makes us weird)

$6.50 is the economic and social value increase for every $1.00 invested in public libraries

4% fewer people die if hospital has library

80% of kids over 14 use MySpace

They are all about search

We’re about find, learning and community

Librarians have been teaching search
End user wants to find not search

# of Books Shipped
1.5 books amazon
5.3 books fed ex
11.7 books libraries ship
They only ship it out, we get it back

1.1billion come into libraries
.2 billion attend sports events

Six times more people have library cards than driver’s licenses

5 year plans need to happen continually not just once every year or so

Prepare for the inevitable (the kids are coming)

Promote the assets not what you don’t have or have only slender resources for. People just want a recommendation, doesn’t have to be the bestseller.

Most valuable asset is our staff.

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