Friday, February 29, 2008

Logan Public Library

holiday books
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Cool idea to have all of the children's holiday books in their own area and clearly labeled with the check out rules. I hope they got funding for a new library, cause this one was cleverly crammed. Every square inch of space had a function.

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Utah State University Library - Logan

historic room
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This picture was taken in the Library's Special Collections department. This is an old room from some British manor house that was brought over and donated to the Library. It was gorgeous.

Utah State has automated storage like University of Utah. The big difference is that all of the bins are locked at Utah State. They did this because all of the bound journals are located in the storage system. A patron can request a bin instead of just a volume/item. This way the bins can be browsed.

The library itself is awe inspiring with lots of fabulous spaces for study and great views.


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Provo City Library

ballroom 3
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Okay, first of all, how many libraries can boast a ballroom? Hmmm??? I loved the new library. They took a historic building and rebuilt it completely. The only original piece is here in the ballroom, the cast iron pillars. I thought the community was genius in saving their history and creating a community place.

The library was welcoming and so were the people. A circulation person was kind enough to give me a tour of the entire automated check-out/check-in system. I now want RFID and automation too!!

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Utah Valley State College Library - Orem

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Okay, it is unfair to visit a library 9 months before they move into a new building. I hear the new building is unspeakably wonderful -- Annie, my friend just got a job there, in an office with outside windows complete with view.

Anyway, the people were great and I really liked the idea of using white boards for signage. Very Cool.

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-- Jenny

University of Utah Library - Salt Lake City

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WOW, this was the first automated storage and retrieval system I had ever seen. University of Utah is currently in the process of a major build and remodel so much of the library was in flux. In any case, this storage system houses all of their government documents. (No there was no bloodletting in this decision because everyone was thrilled that every document would be cataloged!)

Almost all of the bins are not locked. This means a bin is retrieved and brought to staff who pull the book/item for the patron. When the item is returned it goes into whatever bin is handy, not the original. I know this is scary for many-me included. No one will ever be able to browse anything in this collection.

A few bins are locked, meaning that items retrieved from them are returned to the them. Special collections materials are the main source for locked bin materials. The storage area is climate controlled and dark, perfect preservation conditions.

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I can't wait to go back and see how the rest of the library looks when finished. - Jenny

Salt Lake City Public Library

heat cool vent
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Okay, so the library is stupendously beautiful, innovative, interesting, and delightful. But what am I most impressed with? This. This is a picture of the floor. See the square and the circle. These are very important things. I haven't been in very many buildings that didn't have two big problems.

1. Enough power outlets where needed
2. Even and moderate heating and cooling

The situation at my library was once so bad that we had to wear summer clothes in the winter to survive the overheating and winter clothes in summer to survive the overcooling.

This cool SLC public library floor is raised, so that conduit and wires can be run underneath. AND it is covered in carpet squares that are easy to replace.

If I ever get to commission a library they are getting one of these floors.

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-- Jenny aka The Wandering Librarian

P.S. Sorry bout the blurry, this was before I go the new camera.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cool Things: Weber State University Library

subject ref table
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There was so much to see and learn at Weber State. They are doing some interesting things. One of the niftyest (yes I know that isn't a real word, but it SHOULD be) were these index tables of subject materials. This table included statistics books such as statistical abstracts, documents historical statistics, U.N. statistics etc. There were several other tables including one for country/intercultural communications and another for style guides. I'm not certain if our library will be doing this, but it is a very Cool Thing.

Weber County Library

Weber County Library
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Weber County Main Library

This library has two floors and 5 service points, 3 seemingly reference desks, 1 children's desk and a circulation desk. Each desk (excepting circulation which is by the entrance) is near a specific part of the collection. I was really happy to see the sheer number of Spanish language resources, most signage was bilingual also. They were also offering a gaming night, gaming tournament, anime night and music night in March

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sabbatical - February

Hi all,

I'm going to try and post my sabbatical adventures to this blog. Right now, I'm still getting my ducks in a row. I have confirmed the schedule for February:

20 Wed Drive to Ogden
Stay with Krista

21 Thu Interview Weber State University 9:00 – Noon
Return to Pocatello

22 Fri Attend candidate presentation at ISU Library

25 Mon Drive to SLC in the morning
Interview University of Utah 1:00 – 4:00
Stay with Jessica

26 Tue Drive to Orem in the morning
Stay with Jessica
Interview Utah Valley State College 9:00 – Noon

27 Wed Drive to Logan in the morning
Interview Utah State University 1:00 – 4:00
Drive back to Pocatello

I'll be finalizing my southern route soon. That'll take the whole of March.