Saturday, September 23, 2006

Supervisory Session #3 Day Two -- Jenny

Morning Session: Problem Solving

This was a fun morning session. We got to toss pencils, paperclips and yellow smiley faced ping-pong balls into boxes. Then we got to “problem solve” to do it better. I think there’s a dinner party game in this task somewhere. There wasn’t a lot of new stuff here: brainstorming, allowing everyone to talk, not judging ideas or thoughts, grouping brainstorm ideas into categories (a natural for librarians) and so on. Different types of flow charts were demonstrated and discussed. If you want more info, talk to me later.

Oh yeah, today started out with one of those stranded on the desert isle with a paperclip scenarios. This time we were involved in a shipwreck on the moon.

Afternoon Session: Process Improvement

A useful session on working through a process to find bottlenecks and problem areas. I was thinking through our instruction and reference desk scheduling to see if there are potential areas that could use more scrutiny for change. Of course most of the examples in this class were from manufacturing or other business.

Overall these two days were VERY useful. I now have more ideas on how to manage processes and problem solving. The university and library is in very good shape regarding potential for violence in the workplace. Good shape as in we’ve got good lights in our parking lots, security, security procedures, cameras etc…

If you’re interested in the minutia of either of these days of class please let me know. I have a thick manual that we read that I can excerpt for you. I think these classes are extremely useful and suggest any and all managers/supervisors attend.


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