Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Flickr in Libraries

Michael Porter


An overview of how to use, then more on flickr groups.

Libraries and Librarians flickr group

Over 5,500 images

More than 950 members on six continents


Discussion threads

Flickr/Google Maps Mash-Up:

Lluisa Nunez

Librarian and Faculty Member

Universitat de Barcelona


(Streaming media of her info on Flickr)

Tagging the collection of photos

Geotagging with lat/long coordinates

Geotagging Flickr (flickr group)

Russell Sayers in Flickr


One simple search, many collections

Tony Boston

Assitant Director

General Resource Sharing

Australia’s National Library

Picture Australia project

Partnership with yahoo and flickr

Taking the library into the user space

Purposes of project

  • Increase number of contemporary images in Picture Australia
  • To engage with new audiences

Fiona Hooton


Picture Australia

National Library of Australia


Cultural agencies, digital collections, collaboration

Past and present images, digital items from private collections…

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