Friday, October 06, 2006

Library Accessibility Notes -- Jenny

Is Your Library Accessible?

Space between the stacks – 32” minimum but 46” would be better

Go see the ADA website

Physical accessibility in the library including: ramps, public desks, restrooms, doors, signage, elevators, parking lots, public telephones, drinking fountains, room signage, public desks …

Government provides minimum standards, do more.

Borrow a wheelchair and run it around the library.
Are there obstacles?
Are there bottlenecks where a wheelchair?
Borrow a walker
Borrow a skateboard (for a kids point of view)
Tie your shoe laces together and try to get somewhere
Try it with altered vision (i.e. remove glasses or put some on)
Try it on crutches

Consider curbside delivery or a delivery window like take-out. Figure out the policies so it works.

Can you do any kind of home delivery?


Wheelchair for those in need maybe even one of those electric carts with baskets.

Another idea is a small grocery cart type thing to carry those 20 plus books for a mom with kids or someone with limited arm strength.

Nicely done, interesting, with real stories.

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