Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Bird Are You?

I asked my library colleagues to take the "What bird are you most like?" Facebook test from Cornell Lab. I then had them fill out a brief survey stating which bird they were, on which side of the the classic division of public or technical services personnel, and whether they were faculty or paraprofessional staff.

The results were all I could hope for.  Of the 35 people working at the library 27 responded to the survey 19 staff and 8 faculty, 16 in public services and 10 technical services with one abstention on the division question.

5 ravens, 4 kestrels, 3 mallards, 2 crows, and 2 magpies.   So what happens when we add the two divisions of Public/Technical services and Faculty/Staff?

Overlap only occurred with three birds

  • Three staff Ravens in Public Services
  • Three staff Mallards in Public Services 
  • Two faculty Crows in Public Services

So why did I do this?  Diversity.  Diversity is more than what you can see when you look at someone. We are all different even when we seem mostly the same.  I'm hoping this opening gambit can lead to a larger and more far-reaching conversation of differences, respect, encouragement, inclusion and yes, diversity.

-- Jenny

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Domes for Libraries

Full disclosure: My father is David South, originator of Monolithic Domes.

I love these dome libraries!!!

The most recent Domed library is the Kasson Public Library in MN. More photos and information about this dome can be found at: http://www.monolithic.org/news-feed/kasson-public-library-opens-its-doors

Another adorable dome library part of an elementary school in the Philippines. http://www.monolithic.org/in-the-media/dry-library-opens-in-philippines

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Clever Collection Concept

One of my friends took this picture of the Lowell Observatory 'vote with your wallet' idea.

I wonder how we could adapt this to the world of libraries...