Saturday, April 19, 2008

Montana State University - Bozeman

quiet study
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Quiet study, I found several libraries where quiet study areas were designated, but here it's a room of its own walled in glass. Pretty nifty if you ask me. MSU had another very cool thing, but I'm saving it for my presentations. If you can't make it to one of those, email me at and I'll let you in on the very coolest of the cool thing that MSU is doing. -- Jenny

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Friday, April 18, 2008

University of Montana - Missoula

big desk
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I loved my visit to the University of Montana. There are so many things I could blog about. The most innovative idea to me, was the removal of the reference collection. I can hear the collective gasp from all of you reading this. The reasoning goes like this...

1. They are subscribing to many online reference resources
2. They would like to free up space on the first floor for other purposes
3. When was the last time someone went to the collection to help a student ...

The books are going to be moved to a small collection at the information desk or are going to be moved to the stacks. If moved to the stacks they can be still be marked as non-circulating as decided by the subject/reference librarians.

I know there are a lot of books in my own library's reference collection that are rarely used. But we don't have the budget to buy as many online reference resources as they have. However, I definitely see a reduction of the collection in the future. -- Jenny

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Missoula Public Library

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Here was another surprise. Shopping carts. It was another Wahhhh moment. (I don't know how to spell that sound, but I'm sure you get my drift). Anyway, I can really see a use for these for moms with small kids!! -- Jenny

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

University of Idaho - Moscow

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You never know what you're going to find when you visit a library. This was very unexpected, but BRILLIANT. How many times have I seen patrons who could have really used one of these. In many ways, this picture speaks for itself. -- Jenny

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Seattle Public Library

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Okay, everything about the Seattle Public Library was cool. I loved how different flooring indicated different areas of the library. I liked how they RFID system checked books in and then sorted them into bins for return to branch libraries or shelves at the main library. I enjoyed the art and was impressed by the spiral of main stacks. You can get a very nice walk just by walking around the spiral of main stacks. The kids area with the computer mice that were colored like ladybugs were fabulous. I just wish my pictures of all of this fabulosity were better. Go check them out at: -- Jenny

P.S. I really like the box for donations. I think this is a great idea for public libraries.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Boise State University - Boise Idaho

comfy seats
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Chairs. I seem to be obsessed with chairs lately ergonomic chairs, chairs the tip, chairs that adjust, hard chairs, chairs with wheels and comfy chairs. At Boise State I discovered comfy chairs that my tour guide assured me were cheap and from the local superstore. She also said they were heavily used. I really like the idea of providing lots of different kinds of seating for the different needs of the students. Personally I study a lot better in a comfy chair than in a hard upright one, so I LOVED these. I think this is a great way to lure students to the library. -- Jenny

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Boise Public Library

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Boise Public Library has everything, a cafe, an entertainment section, a bookstore and most amazingly customizable library cards. I thought these were very cool. -- Jenny

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Idaho State University - Pocatello

Dual monitors
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We put dual monitors at the reference desk. This allows patrons to easily follow along with what we are doing. It is really useful. In my wanderings I discovered a couple other universities that had this setup. At University of Alaska-Anchorage they recently added keyboards to the other side of the desk to allow better communication with hearing impaired patrons. I need to follow-up on how this is working for them. -- Jenny

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