Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LiLI Training: Gale: Part 2

Gale Virtual Reference Library

We own the content and is maintained by Idaho Commission of Libraries, if contract ends, we'd continue to own the content.

Title list of books that the state has purchased or what we have purchased (based on authentication)

The State List Includes:
Beacham's Guide to the Endangered Species of North America , 6v, 2000
Biology , 4v, 2002
Encyclopedia of Small Business , 2nd Ed., 2v, 2002
Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine , 2nd Ed., 4v, 2005
Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer , 2nd Ed., 2v, 2006
Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders , 2nd Ed., 2v, 2005
Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine , 3rd Ed., 5v, 2006
Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America , 2nd Ed., 3v, 2000
Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History , 2v, 1999
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture , 5v, 2000
World of Earth Science , 2v, 2003

Browse the books by clicking on the "Show All" link at the bottom left of the search

Click on the title of the book to browse the book.

The Idaho Commission for Libraries may be purchasing a few more books for this

Marc records can be added to your catalog.
Health & Wellness Resource Center, includes books, journals, pamphlets (not archived, but
replaced as newer is released) ... Has Alternative Health Encyclopedia. Created for consumer use.

Business and Company Resource Center
Search by Company using name or ticker symbol
Search by Industry using word, NAICS or SIC code
Search articles by keyword

In a company search result:
There are links to articles on the left bar after a search is executed
There are tabs above with links to history, short financials, industry and more

In an industry search results in datamonitor reports

The company search from the tiny greenish bar allows narrowing of the search to industry code, product, and/or location

lots more to look at...

LiLI Training: Gale: Part 1


http://www.gale.com (database title lists available, training info, usermanuals)

The path for help
-> technical & training
-> browse by product tab
-> technical & training resources
-> product name

Fun thing: Searching for California Crops in Yahoo. Check out the link about
California's Velcro Crop

Why is the link to the gale databases from the alpha list going into power search, instead
of the list of databases?

Gale Power Search option
Right now this is the default from our "Gale Databases" on the Alphabetical list. Use
the "Change Databases" link on the upper right to get to the list.

It should be noted that Academic Onefile and/or Infotrac Onefile include these
"powerpack" databases in toto:
InfoTrac Environmental Issues & Policy
InfoTrac Criminal Justice
InfoTrac General Science
InfoTrac GLBT Life & Issues
InfoTrac Information Science & Library Issues
InfoTrac Insurance & Liability Collection
InfoTrac Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure
InfoTrac Careers & Technical Edition
InfoTrac Communication & Mass Media
InfoTrac US History
InfoTrac World History
InfoTrac Educators
InfoTrac War & Terrorism
InfoTrac Diversity Studies
InfoTrac Pop Culture Collection
InfoTrac Psychology Collection
InfoTrac Religion & Philosophy
InfoTrac Garden, Landscape & Horticulture
Military & Intelligence Databases
InfoTrac Business Economics and Theory
InfoTrac Agriculture Colection
InfoTrac Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine Collection
InfoTrac Nursing and Allied Health Collection

Use the subject search option to narrow by subject and sub subject

From a list of results you can click on the mid blue bar and link Expand/Limit which will
open a list of options that you can limit or expand the current search.

Bookmarking a marked list of citations (or storing the url in some other way) will
retrieve the exact result list in useable form.

Bookmarking from the search screen (not from a marked list) will retrieve and self update
the search. (Do not set a date range or an end date. The begin date can be set.)

Use InfoMark to email the stable URL

LiLI Training: Proquest

1. eLibrary Curriculum Edition
Everything is full-text
1500+ full-text magazine titles
170+ full-text newspapers
(includes French and Spanish language titles)
170 transcript sources (e.g. 60 minutes or Good Morning America)
Requires Apple Quicktime plugin

Additional features:
multiple result list sorting
email articles
spell checker
create temporary bibliography with "my list" (does not have a portal function)

Can change the default through the admin interface to boolean instead of the natural language search

Each icon of type (news, books, pictures, etc.) is clickable and results in a list of sources

Use the topic search to browse content, including websites. This is the only way to access the editor reviewed and selected websites. This is also a tab near the top.

Another tab is Reference and provides thesaurus, encyclopedia, dictionary and other reference resources.

Bookcarts can be created to provide permanent access to selected resources on a topic. Must be done through admin

The database is a mini-library of full text resources for all subject areas for everyone from kindergarten to university students. There are academic and peer reviewed journals in the database, along with overviews of subject areas. This is a good "encyclopedia" type resource. Where we used to go the home encyclopedia for answer now we can begin with eLibrary Curriculum Edition.

2. eLibrary Elementary Edition
Similar search interface is that the source list is pared down to a subset of the eLibrary Curriculumn Edition
75 magazines

(Can we create direct links to 3. & 4. right now they are only linked from the eLibrary Curriculum Edition)

When searching from eLibrary watch the results tabs. Results can come from #3 & #4 and are displayed only via the tabs "Literature" and "History".

3. ProQuest Learning: Literature
180,000 Searchable works
Author pages
- biography
- criticism
- bibliography
- reference resources
persistent links

Needs either RealMedia Player or Windows Media Player to view or listen to multimedia files

Knowledge Notes Study Guides
100+ plot overviews and notes

500+ Study Units
65 history guides
371 historical journals
dynamic maps e.g. show battles

Study units include editor selected websites.

Online training is available check out: http://www.proquestk12.com/

LiLI Training: Ebsco

Very interesting presentation on three databases 1. Auto Repair Reference Center, 2. Book Collectoin: Nonfiction, and 3. Book Index with Reviews.

1. Auto Repair
Oldest coverage is for the Kaiser Jeep or Volkswagon Bug (1945-1967)
In 1967 domestic car coverage begins using Chiltons info
In 2004 and moving into the present car information is coming from Delphi
In 2004 added wiring diagrams from Valley Forge

Weakness: keyword searching

2. Book Collection: Nonfiction
Treating books like journals (chapter indexing)...
Marc records are available (*856* field) for these items
Image collection items are from the Getty Image Collection

3. Book Index with Reviews
While music and videos are included in their own sections, they do not include reviews, but only include publication info.

Popularity ranking is from Baker and Taylor sales to whomever--mostly libraries)

I need to look at #3 more closely. We ran out of time.