Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Space

Aaron Schmidt

In order to market services and products more and more companies are putting their content online there.

It’s not the best web space to use, why is it so popular if it’s so buggy? Community

Lots of ADDS!

Thomas Ford Memorial Library MySpace page (Ferris Bueller background)

If you like the way your page looks, no teenager will.

eVolver web site (Denver Library page for young adults)

UIUC Undergraduate Library

No non-academic school library on myspace

YouTube searching about MySpace for how kids think about it…

  • Myspace Addicts
  • Where’d you go (myspace)

My Space Opportunities

  • “MySpace Tips and Tricks”
  • Class for parents
  • Historic figure / book character project

Make friends

MySpace bulletins can be sent to all of your friends

Your library MySpace

  • be authentic
  • give up control
  • have fun
  • consider who you want to be
  • include a song and video
  • MeeboMe Widget!

MySpace in your library? Is it banned?

“Decoding MySpace” 10 Sept 06, US News & World Report

for a balanced look at MySpace

Is MySpace a Fad?


My Own Café (Southeastern Massachusetts Library) includes database authentication.

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