Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Introduction to Wikis

Nicole C. Engard

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is an editable website that does not require users to know HTML. Most have a system to record changes so that at any time, a page can be reverted to any of its previous states.

Wikis: Collections of Pages

  • Wiki pages look like web pages
  • Anyone with a browser can read a Wiki site
  • Anyone with proper permissions can edit a Wiki site

Wikis: Collaborative Spaces

  • Great places for brainstorming
  • Use to draft policies
  • Way to share the secretary responsibilities in a meeting
  • Empowers the users

Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia

  • English 1,445,000 articles
  • German 483,000
  • French 380,000
  • Spanish 162,000

Why use a Wiki?

  • Easy to learn – no HTML required
  • Easy way to share knowledge
  • Easy way to collaborate across borders
  • Ability to revert back to old versions
  • Ability to track who’s done what & where
  • Fostering collaboration among friends and/or colleagues


ALA Chicago 2005 Main Page (wiki)

Lis Wiki

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

IL2006 Planning Wiki

Most Wiki’s offer an RSS feed to keep track of changes to the page

Wiki Sites

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