Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Listen Up!:

Podcasting @ GPC Decatur Library
David Free


Early version

Every two weeks for about 10 minutes about Library news, events, new books, new resources etc…


Second version

Doing once a month 20-30 minute about library news, and the connection between library and campus, did interviews

Learned that once a month is too far apart and 30 minutes is really too long and come full circle to 6-10 minutes long.

Use an internal media server from the beginning!

Use creative commons or permission for music!

Under the Hood

USB mic

Audacity (free, online, open source)

96 kBit/s MP3

liberated syndication (hosting site, pay for, there are some free ones too)

Feedburner (to make the feed)

Podcatchers: places to gather and track rss podfeeds


Wrote a web page for the Podcasts

8 Thinks I learned about Podcasting

  1. Make sure it feeds!
  2. PROMOTE. Then promote some more.
  3. Keep it short
  4. Use music sparingly!
  5. Multiple voices rock
    1. Interviews, multiple people talk on subject, different voices to break things up
  6. Podcast events
    1. Record poets and other types of speakers (They have poetry club on campus and use on library Podcasts)
  7. Consider your web presence
  8. Listen to your listeners
    1. Talking, email, not necessarily through comments

The Future….

  • Will continue Podcasting (6,000 or so downloads)
  • Probably going to add video Podcasting
  • Average 100 to 200 downloads per file




MP3 more of a universal format

iTunes is the big kahuna of listening base. Windows media doesn’t work with iTunes therefore don’t alienate the biggest group.

Ada considerations? Probably should provide transcripts, but they haven’t yet considered it. Maybe video with captions. Find as many types of media as possible, i.e. video Podcast of syllabus along with .pdf version.

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