Friday, August 03, 2012

Sutton Public Library

Sutton Public Library

Now this small town has an extraordinary library. Airy, beautiful, rich in books and friendly people.

Beautiful art DSC06988
Love the fireplace, and those lamps! DSC06979
It's like a church for books. DSC06973
Even the door stops are art pieces. DSC06970

Palmer Public Library

Palmer Public Library August 3, 2012 Another great community library packed with books and nooks. DSC06896
I loved this tent for the kids DSC06897
Wonderful art piece DSC06889
Donating chairs! A very cool idea. DSC06901
Oooh and more fundraising swag. DSC06913

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Visiting Wasilla Public Library

A cozy, packed, interesting, wonderful library. Lots of natural light, and just packed with books. My kind of library. Out behind the library was a farmers market where I was able to find a couple of wonderful art pieces. I loved this hand painted chair DSC06871
And ended up buying this blue bag. DSC06877