Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Overview of Podcasting

Greg Schwartz

Ultra-quick overview

  • Podcasting is the distribution or “syndication” of audio files over the Internet using RSS technology.
  • Allows end-users to subscribe to your content and get automatic downloads of the new stuff.
  • Podcasting is about regularly updated audio content

Why podcast?

  • To understand the technology and explore the possibilities
  • If it fits into your organizational goals and marketing/communication strategies
  • If it’s the right thing for your patrons
  • If you’re already creating audio content
  • NOT because I tell you to
  • NOT because everyone’s doing it


  • Podcasting is not a one-time deal
  • Podcasting takes time:
    • To plan
    • To record
    • To edit
    • To publish
    • To promote
  • Recognize the commitment before plunging in and allocate resources accordingly

What to podcast?

  • Programming (get permission!) i.e. guest speakers
  • Upcoming Events and Library News
  • Bibliographic Instruction
  • Services for the Visually Impaired
  • Staff Training/Communication
  • Whatever your imagination holds

9 easy steps to podcasting

1. Determine content and format

2. Assemble equipment and people

3. Record

4. Edit and export to mp3

5. Listen!

6. Upload file to server

7. Generate your RSS feed (look at feedburner)

8. Publish feed URL

9. Promote. Respond. Repeat

Beginner’s guide to podcasting complete powerpoint can be found at:


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