Thursday, February 25, 2010

Utah Library Association in May

I will be presenting with my colleagues Cheryl Sebold, Annie Smith and Regina Koury at the Utah Library Association Conference this May 12-14. Our session is Friday afternoon.

Advice from the Trenches: Evaluating & Selecting Databases, Decoding Sales Speak, Negotiating Licenses, Tracking & Analyzing Database Usage

This is a four part presentation on the evaluation, selection and re-evaluation of electronic databases. The first part on evaluation will include demonstrations of free online assessment tools, review sources, rubrics, and ideas for comparing apples to apples instead of tangerines and kumquats. The second section will have tips for decoding the sales pitch into real decision making information. The third part includes advice on dealing with vendors and negotiating the terms of license agreements. Our costly, recent difficulties with existing licensing agreements will be aired. Lastly, the re-evaluation of databases through statistics tracking and assessment will be discussed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alaska Library Association Annual Conference

I will be speaking at the AkLA conference in March of 2010. For more information on the conference see:

Preconference: Academic Librarians Mini Retreat: Who’s Doing What? What’s Working and What’s Not?

The retreat will begin with a presentation by Semenza. While on sabbatical in the western states (including Alaska,) in her quest to find the innovative, the informative and the interesting; she met with librarians at 26 different academic institutions. Listen to her findings and then join your colleagues to share ideas and discuss current issues of importance to academic libraries and librarians. Topics to be covered include: signage, automated storage, buildings & space usage, information literacy, distance services and some of the biggest challenges academic libraries are facing.

Public Services Western Style: Ideas to Steal

Semenza visited libraries in the western states from Arizona and New Mexico north to Alaska in her quest for the innovative, the informative and the interesting. Come find out what she discovered to be the best, most valuable, and innovative. While the purpose of her sabbatical was focused on Public Services (instruction, reference, and distance services), she garnered many insights into space planning, development/funding, collection development and more. Although she is an academic librarian, her research took place in both academic and public libraries.

How Do We Measure Up? Notes from a Wandering Librarian

During Semenza’s sabbatical she met with reference, instruction, and distance service librarians at 26 different academic institutions. Come find out how we differ, how we’re the same and the shocking statistical reality of those 30 minute+ reference questions. Additionally, ideas for improvement or enhancement in all areas of public services will be shared.