Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Introduction to Video Blogging

Introduction to Video Blogging

David King


ETC http://davidleeking.com/etc for video blog

Rocketboom in the video blogging world is very famous


Video Podcast, Videoblog, Vodcast, Vlog, V-Log, Videocast

Usually called videoblog or vlog

So what is video blogging?

… Video on a blog

Content that is pushed out on a blog just as pictures and text already are.

Commenting function is available

More video blogs

  • stevegarfield.com
  • drum lesson online
  • Orlando Poetry troupe

Why is it getting big?

  • Storage, bandwitdth, fast web
  • Cheap easy mobile video
  • Video ipods
  • 2005 it really took off
  • People discovering great uses that are “just right” for video

How do you watch them?

… Just click on one.

More involved answer

  • Need a computer with broadband
  • Need a video player:
    • Windows media
    • Quicktime
    • Flash
  • A video aggregator would be nice
    • Fireant
    • Itunes
    • Mefeedia

Coolest way to watch

  • get an ipod
  • or a clone
  • or a psp
  • watch at your convenience!

How do you create them?


  • computer
  • video camera
  • video editing software (windows’ movie maker for instance)
  • a blog
  • formats

Oh yeah ---

You also need an idea

Storage: Two Options

One: Store it yourself – if you can handle the bandwidth

Going to need a server packed with memory

Possibly a media server

Two: Let someone else store them

  • Our media
  • Blip.tv
  • Internet archive
  • AND MORE…. (google, yahoo, myspace, ifilm, addicting clips, motionbox, bolt, zippy videos, eyespot, lulutv…)


  • very popular right now
  • they’ll store your video
  • they’ll keep stats
  • they’ll allow comments on each video
  • all they won’t do is allow people to download them
  • figure out if that’s a problem (or not)

What can libraries do with Video Blogging?

Traditional ideas..

  • book talk
  • bibliographic instruction & tutorials
  • film your events

More interesting ideas:

  • Cultural memory project – video history rather than oral history
  • Collaborative – PLCMC’s ImaginOn – kids making videos
  • Environmental: discuss environmental issues and nature (invite the zookeeper)
  • Behind the scenes: what goes on at the library?

Slightly wacked-out ideas:


Videoblog local attractions

Anyone going out of the country?

  • Political: invite local candidates in to discuss something
  • Hobbies / Lifestyles: lifestyles and hobbies (patrons, staff, prominent citizens) in a TV Magazine format

Video Blogging for Dummies

Secrets of Video Blogging

Check out Video Blogging on Amazon for more book titles

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