Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Using Blogs for Internal Communication

Karen A. Coombs

Why use blogs?

  • Existing technology infrastructure for internal communications not well used
  • Easy for staff to create and maintain content
  • Space for staff to provide feedback
  • Good for posting news type information

How it all began

  • Development of Libraries Strategic Directions
    • Need to communicate information regarding the SD process and gather feedback
  • Web Management Committee
    • Need to communicate concerning change to library site

Many Different Blogs

  • Committee Blogs
  • Blogs for Service Points
    • Access Services Blog
    • ARC Blog
  • Blogs for Working Groups
    • Instruction Team Blog
    • Science Librarians Blog

Blogs for Committees

  • Make announcements
  • Post minutes and other committee documents
  • Gather feedback on what the committee is working on

Blogs for Service Points

  • Blogs maintained by staff who work at the desks
  • Announcements
    • New resources, problems, questions
  • Displays on all computers at desk

(used as the active desktop…)

Blogs for Workgroups

  • Allow people to share information
  • Post items of notes or interest
  • Post readings

Unresolved Issues

  • Feed subscription issues
  • How does this fit with our existing Intranet?
  • Integration with existing authentication and authorization systems
  • Keeping up with changes to blog permission

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