Thursday, April 30, 2009

ULA: my last session

CyberInfrastructure Session

For the most part this was a bit over my head and not really applicable to what I do. However, the last bit had a few gems. First BYU has had a decrease in usage of the hardwired computers in the information commons. A reduction to the tune of 50%. Wireless computing has increased until recently and has leveled off. The presenter believes that this too will decrease as more portable cell phone type devices begin to be used such as his iPhone and wireless network cards like the ones offered by Verizon. We need to think about mobile computing and how/where it will impact us.

Cool sign in his presentation: No Shhhh Zone

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Attic

kids read room 02
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Another nook in the children's library.

The Crystal Cave

kids read room 01
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A reading room for kids. It is part of the children's library.


slc urban room04
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Another view of the shops in the atrium area. There is a lot of natural light in this building.

Study spaces

study spaces 02
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The view of the study areas. I was standing on the staircase on the library side looking out over the atrium.

The Atrium

slc urban room01
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Tables for reading, visiting, or eating can be found in the Atrium near the shops.


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Public libraries are definitely community centers with auditoriums, theaters and other amenities.


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An artistic directory of what can be found on which level.

Reading nooks

reading spaces
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Tiered and twisted fireplaces with comfy seating for reading.


spanish lang display01
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Spanish language books

The Library's Plaza

look out at plaza
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Art shows and other activities are held here.

Ceiling in the childrens area

kids lib
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Gorgeous kids library!

Study table

study table
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Salt Lake City provides free wireless.

Stairs and art

look at library
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The mobile moves and is made of books that are butterflies, or butterflies that are books. Depends entirely on your point of view.

The Library Store

slc urban room02
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One of the shops in the atrium area of the library

Graphic novels

graphic novels
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Graphic novel collections are quite popular at the public libraries.

Weber County Library

Weber County Library
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I began my sabbatical in Utah, specifically Ogden. I did not realize my camera had difficulties till I got to Phoenix. Needless to say, the photos are less than I would like them to be and not just because I take crappy photos.

Spanish Language Collection

Excellent collection of Spanish language materials. I found many public libraries in my sabbatical had this type of collection.

Bilingual Signage

Bilingual Signage
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Almost every sign either included a Spanish translation or had a duplicate sign.

Encourage reading

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A pile of books from different genres, handouts, guides and other materials.

Teen Tech Week Sign

Teen Tech Week Sign
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Digital native activities at the library including gaming, music and anime

Subject Table

subject ref table
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Reference tables with subject specific resources i.e. citations, poetry, demographics...

Lecture room

Part of the Special Collections area.

Asian Language DVDs

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Who knew that Weber State had one of the largest collections...


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Soundproofing on the walls of the classroom.


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Calender of events outside of the Special Collections area.

Library Art

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Having assigned a paraprofessional librarian to be a full-time "friends" librarian has paid off. They have been able to buy art with some of the money received.

Cafe Style Seating

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Apparently this is a popular study area in the library.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Favorite Session: Can Library Instruction Be Fun, Yet Effective?

Presenters were Crystal Goldman, Dale Larsen, and Adriana Parker of Marriott Library at the University of Utah. (I had met Dale and Adriana during my sabbatical) They teach an extraordinary number of sessions, up to 45 in a two week period...

Basically they were talking about two active learning methods, Cephalonian and Jigsaw. In summation the Jigsaw method is about small group work and having the groups present on the discovery of the database they were asked to analyze. This works best with large classes 20+ with enough time.

What really hooked me on this workshop was the Cephalonian method. They used the method to teach us the method. It involves a set of colored index cards which are passed out to the audience. (An audience member suggested that shapes could be used instead. Also it was noted that the color of the card should be placed on the card for those who may be color blind.) Each card has a question on it that will be asked when a color card is asked for. The questions are put together by the teacher who then creates a corresponding powerpoint that answers the questions.

BIG TIP: To go to a specific slide in powerpoint, type in the number and press enter. This will pop open the slide you want seamlessly. This is really nifty and makes the teacher look like a mind reader.

For more information on the Cephalonian method check out the article in Wikipeda. Or rather, check out the references at the bottom! Nigel Morgan is one of the originators of this very interactive active learning method.

The other really excellent part of the powerpoint was the pictures of a hired actor who portrayed various patron stereotypes including sleeping student, typhoid patron, and inappropriate viewing guy...

The presenters were entertaining, interactive and managed to keep this last session of the day well worth attending.

Lunch Speaker: Amanda Dickson, KSL Newsradio

Dickson talked about happiness, and how, perhaps it is a commodity not just a state of being. She says that you can't wait till circumstances are perfect to be happy, but that you need to enjoy life as it happens. The basis of happiness is in forgiveness. Not for some spiritual lofty reason, but in order to move beyond the injuries and insults of daily life. Forgiving self and others allows one to be happy in the day or the moment. Releasing the self-talk and rumination of 'bad things that happened so I can't be happy' by forgiving and moving on. Pretty interesting actually.