Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What’s Hot in Social Softwr

A to Z (although we are missing some letters)
Steven M. Cohen
Blog: Library Stuff

  1. Ajax

The tool for every social software site for creating interaction

  1. Beta

Browster (a pop-up browser)

  1. CoComment –

Cohen Family Recipes – (his wife’s blog)

Cute Overload – (audience contributed)

CiteULike – (audience contributed can rss feed the results based on keyword search out to a feed reader)

  1. Digg – (Allows you to put up a story and then vote on it and then it gets more play as it goes igher on the site. Searchable by keyword and can create RSS feed for keyword search results) (shared bookmarks – audience contributed)

  1. Econsultant – (biggest directory of Web 2.0 tools)
  1. Flickr –

Flock (firefox, integrated with flickr and other tools – audience contributed)

  1. Gmail –

Gliffy (project management group tool – audience contributed—includes flowcharts)

  1. Hype (a lot of these social networking tools are all hype and they won’t survive)
  1. Image Editors (online) (can edit .pdf’s as if they were photos on this site)

  1. Jenny Levine (queen of social software)
  1. Nothing, couldn’t find anything cool for this letter
  1. Library Thing –

Catalog your books, create tags, find books based on recommendations and on books someone else has that are similar to yours.

Last.FM (audience contributed fm station)

  1. Moo


Media Convert


Muppets Wiki

  1. Netvibes (create your own “my page”)
  1. OCLC (very into social software, go check out webjunction)

Odeo (audience contributed Create Podcasts not reliable)

  1. Pandora (create your own music stations)

Purevideo (meta search for videos)

Picasa (upload photos to web album audience contributed)

  1. Nothing

Qumana (Tools for bloggers – audience contributed)

  1. RSS (Is this really social software?)
  1. Stephens, Michael



  1. Trackback? (He thinks it’s dead and stupid)

Typo of the day

Twingine (compares yahoo and google search results – audience contributed)

  1. This poor site got pounded when YouTube got bought by someone else. And the owner of the site complained about it, when thousands of people went there)
  1. Nothing
  1. Wikis
  1. Nothing … Xanga (from the audience)
  1. YouTube (1.6 BILLION!!)
  1. Zoho (web based office apps)

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