Tuesday, July 21, 2009

University of Arizona - Tucson: Signage

This size of this library creates the need for this kind of signage. Click on the image to get to the other sizes on my Flickr account.
call number guide

University of Arizona - Tucson: Info Commons

The outter edge of the enormous information commons area
uofa commons1

Media area of the info commons
uofa commons2

Other edge of the info commons
uofa commons4

University of Arizona - Tucson: Honoring Donors

Donor honor wall...
money tree1

University of Arizona - Tucson: Signage

It's easy to find a book at the library, just request it and it's put on the hold shelf for you.

University of Arizona - Tucson: Signage

entry sign

This is a terrific sign in that the messages are exceedingly clear.

University of Arizona - Tucson

The entrance to the Library, off to the right under the eaves is the coffee shop.

to library

From the library, looking back to the coffee shop.

uofa main04

The weather in March was fantastic! The open air seating under the eaves provides protection from the sun.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tucson Public Library

tp ref reserved

Some signage speaks for itself.

Tucson Public Library

tp signage

Click on photo to go to the larger size on Flickr

This was a great sign for publicizing branch libraries!

Tucson Public Library

tp recongintion

Donor wall, honorarium, thank you ...

Tucson Public Library

tp kids5

Child size baskets for books.

tp kids3

Flags for signage

Tucson Public Library

tp circ

Self check with a rack that holds grocery bags for patrons to use to carry books.

Arizona State University - Tempe

hayden entry

Entry to the Hayden library, deserted for spring break.

Arizona State University - Tempe


Excellent signage!! I think students really get the idea of the stoplight.

Arizona State University - Tempe

Atrium at the Nobel Science Library

Arizona State University - Tempe

instruction lab04
Instruction lab configured into pods or groups to facilitate groupwork. Lots of space around pods so that librarians can navigate between with ease.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Phoenix Public Library

Movable computer work cart:
moveable workcart

Phoenix Public Library

Check out how these stacks have the lighting attached.
shelv w lights

Phoenix Public Library

Government Document Kiosk
gov doc kiosk

Phoenix Public Library - Teen Space

The cafe area:

The Lounging area:

Public help handouts:

Clark County Public Library - Nevada

Large laminated map of vicinity...

nevada map

Clark County Public Library - Nevada

Table with built in study light.
study desk

Clark County Public Library - Nevada

Another instance of segregating and labeling reference books onto tables.

subject ref2