Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fostering Collaboration

An Intranet Story
Nicole C. Engard

Jenkins Intranet Timeline

  • 2001 Intranet 1.0 Completed
  • 2005 Computers in Libraries & Strategic Plan
  • 2006 Intranet 2.0
Problems to Solve
No easy way to collaborate between departments
2. Organization: no navigation on intranet & no logical way to find info
3. Important data locked up in word docs, was not searchable
4. content all had to go through the web team – very centralized

Enter Intranet Version 2

Suggestion: train staff using Wikipedia

Wyzywig PRO editor to help create documents for staff … (not free, not buggy, discount for nonprofit)

List of Wyzywig editors

Blog on first page that everyone can post to

Tabs across the top for tasks (All Staff, Human Resources, Research, Outreach, Tech Services, Info technology, JAC, Palwlibrary)

Calendar and quick links on right

Quick links customizable and attached to identity of logged on user

Used icons, printed out icon key for people to have at desks to learn the meanings

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