Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun with flickr

Fun with flickr

Michael Sauers

Internet Trainer, BCR


Cool Tools on Flickr

Fd’s flickr toys (use your pictures to create other things such as: magazine covers,

Colr Pickr

Retrievr – search by sketch

Flickr leech – search by photosets, pools, dates and brings back screen full of matches

Flickr graph – data visualization of username and their contacts

Clockr – current time using flickr photographs and each day/time it changes

Spell with flickr – words using flickr cutouts, looks like ransom notes

Groups on Flickr

  • Librarian’s with giant calculators
  • Springfield public library
  • Nancy Pearl librarian action figure
  • Jail finds
  • Trading cards (use fd, flickr toys to create one)
  • Library bags
  • Library signs

Accounts on Flickr

  • Westmont public library
    • New books display
    • Notes that links book to catalog record using the notes function
  • ALA

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