Friday, November 18, 2016

Session: Turning web traffic into foot traffic

Visitor A  -----Customer B
Measure foot traffic

Click through rates from newsletter
Customer Journey map
Know the journey

What steps user needs to take
Where are they getting hung-up?

Work backwards

Web site what are they clicking on, then what, then at what point should they come to the library and what’s stopping them?

Foot traffic = why motivate them to come in

Place a hold – pick up a hold

Visit                                                       Holds picked up
Holds                                                     Holds placed
Authenticate                                     Sign on click thru
Select                                                    place hold click thru
Search                                                  keyword results
Homepage                                          bounce rate
Direct                    Google                 refer google analytic

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Advanced Class:
Dash,     Echo,     Fresh
                Hold – no funnel
Price does not equal Cost

Friction is costly

What would success look like?

2 strategies
1.       Reduce steps (shorten the funnel)
2.       Expand the top of funnel (reasons to visit library)

Reno NV (?)

Amazon -> shows library results???

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