Friday, November 18, 2016

Session: A Marketing Approach

Digital is one channel not the only one

“Your brand is not your logo. It is all of the associations & projections your customers put on you either with your input or without it” – David Ogilvy

How do people experience you?

Worldes  organized space vs our spaces

Consumer oriented
                “bad library signage”

Clean & Clear

No one thinks a hoarder is a cutting edge thinker

Consistent signage
End cap displays = more sales


a-c system wide
d branch
e community
f staff communication

help staff feel smart
help customers

Bags given to customers

Marketing is strategic (first

Vinyl signage

Get rid of little flyers
Handout one piece (calendar)

Black = chic

Wordmark = chic?

Geek chic
One click away campaign
Feature content no vendor

Hurting us from reputation perspective – need use style guide

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