Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Keynote by John Hayden

Library Marketing and Communication Conference
Keynote by John Hayden
From interruption to invitation

What is the product we're offering?

Marketing job description:
Not just to get the word out but to distribute information, get other people to get the word out.

"Would *I* really share this?"

Listen first before marketing
Demographic information is just not that helpful.
Instead create personas.

Who are your people?
What do they care about?
What do they want to do?

Use verbs!
Learn, connect, share

Book: "Facebook marketing for dummies"

Be Useful
* to each audience
* connect people to resources
* connect people to each other
* solve problems
* point the way

Be a conversation starter
Not just update Facebook and walk away, but start conversations.
* conversation - connection
* ask questions
* ask for stories
* ask for opinions
* ask for help
* seek to understand
* use regular themes

Example of doing it right: Cornell birds
* what's your favorite bird? Identify bird? Submit photos.

* use multiple choice questions

Example: waht's your favorite flavor of ice cream, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

* use true false
* use caption contests

Be a storyteller
* what's the hook
* what's the payoff
* patron is the hero

Example: picture of cute dog with leaf on head (hook) emotional reaction. Patron wants to be part of the story. Ask, connect, grow, shinel. Story of person impacted by library

DO NOT post pictures of:
1. people standing next to each other
2. pictures with no descriptions
3. irrelevant

DO post pictures
1. people in action
2. show relationship
3. show results
4. show problems

Be a Conductor
* all channels playing together (marketing, sales , fundraising)
* editorial calendar is the sheet music (themes, what's the message, how all channels participate in message)
* patrons hate noise but love music

Be a Human Being First
* reply quickly & cheerfully
* listen & have empathy
* have a sense of humor

Welcoming Patrons
#1 Thank them sincerely (Say it better with a video on the thank you page)
#2 Reinforce impact they made (Remove the organization from the thank you)
#3 Ask what they thinK (Follow up with patron surveys, For instance what subjects? Gives some sense of control)


Bring library to patrons

Live Facebook video
1. don't freak out
2. pick a topic people want to discuss
3. make an outline for your broadcast
4. respond to comments thoughout
5. recycle recording, slice it up and repurpose
 use to add to blog

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