Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Session: Libraries Learn from Ad Agencies

Libraries Learn from Ad Agencies
Spenser Thompson

Marketing - Sales - Fundraising ... connect the messages

"We are going to be campus/community focused and have spectacular marketing meetings"!

"Marketing makes money for a company by turning more strangers into champions"
i.e. Apple users or Trekkies

* Marketing helps get people to the next step of their journey
* Great marketing is community focused no services focused. Fall in love with the User

Create and use personas to better understand your audience.  Social Sarah or Techie Tom
What kind of car does your audience drive?  Office park dad, soccer mom, millennial max. 

Marketing is Drama Driven not just data driven

A brand is ONE idea, no 'me too'

Examples:  Life  or Success or Trust. Showed the Life marketing campaign image for a public library.

Always be closing

Ask in meeting
What is the problem and how can marketing solve it?
What is it trying to achieve?
Narrowed focus enough?
What is library route?
What does person in charge of audience think?
What community?
We're tired of campaign but are users?  (don't rotate to a new one too quickly)
Do not compose slogans

Push back at meetings

Who are the ten people who need to be aware.  Don't do awareness campaigns

Don't crowd the message

Who are we talking to?  Why do they care?


Business goal would be funding librarians
Value the librarians

Yelp (quiet place to study)

We are not a book warehouse

5 things monkeys do
See themselves
Contact us
Like & Follow
Subscribe (create listserv notices for activities/events/information

Follow users to see what they are interested in

To vendors.  How are you going to help librarians succeed with your product?

Be old fashioned. Get out and hustle

Create bonds early in the relationship (high school? or at least freshmen)

Service strategy
Focus on community
Harmonize marketing sales fundraising
Passionate leaders
Marketing - good business
Marketing is also ears
Love the audience

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