Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Evaluation Season

It's that time of year when performance evaluations are written. I don't know about anyone else but I sometimes struggle with writing both my own self-evaluation and the evaluations for my staff. I'm always looking for better ways, different words/phrases, to create these documents.

 I think this is a useful article on how to write one for someone you supervise: Writing a Good Performance Review at Business News Daily

 Here's a useful article for writing your own: How to Write Your Own Performance Review from the American Management Association.

Or try this one:
Six steps to completing a great self-appraisal at TalentSpace.

And best of all, here's a list of useful phrases!  100 Useful Phrases for Performance Reviews at TinyPulse

 And remember, when in doubt Google it. Of course there are lots of books on these topics and I have found that when I'm really stuck I go upstairs and browse the Manager/Supervisor section HF for inspiration.

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