Friday, November 18, 2016

Session: Assessing Transformative Programming

Forget gate count

Facebook to geolocate people around the building

Loyola programs:
·         Haunted library – theater arts do it – storytelling
·         Story time for ELC equivalent
·         Therapy dogs
·         Art workshops
·         Speaker series (banned books)
·         Opening receptions for exhibitions
·         Faculty Pub Night
o   Call for proposals
o   9 faculty present
o   With pub food
o   7 years so far

Collaborate with many partners
Plan 5-8 months ahead
Think about assessment
Used to collect paper forms – still do

Word of mouth is best marketing
Reaching out to individual faculty members instead of flyers

1.       Be specific (will learn, change behavior)
2.       Measureable (no more than 2 indicators)
3.       Focus on what participants will do

Blooms taxonomy
        How do we measure this?

Human library event
·         Learning outcome: participants will recognize and/or demonstrate importance of conversation as a means to addres issues of discrimination, prejudice and stigma
·         Survey to measure outcome
o   Did you learn anything about discrimination, prejudice or stima? If so or if not, what did you learn?

This survey question is a shows a demonstrable change to perception

Long Night Against Procrastination event
8 pm – am

Quiet, structured, comfy
8:00 registration
Chair yoga
Goody bags
Bubble wrap 5 minutes
·         Goal/Learning outcome – feel they made significant progress
·         Assessment
o   Rate elements of programs
o   What did you accomplish
o   What was the best part?

Programming Rubric
1.       Why did you decide to attend?
2.       What did you learn?
3.       Was there anything that surprised you?
4.       Demographic questions
5.       Thank you. To be entered into our drawing for $100 amazon year end card
6.       Join the mailing list

Make a big deal about end of year winner.

Feedback form on chairs at event

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