Monday, October 13, 2008

ILA Division Meeting: Idaho Librarian

There are a lot of changes coming to the Idaho Librarian ( The new editor is Kim Leeder of Boise State University. The IL will be using software that many other open access journals use. It will now be a hybrid with a new section for peer-reviewed featured articles.

Articles for any section (peer-reviewed feature, non-scholarly articles and reports, book reviews) are welcome. Email submissions to

I have a concern regarding the Idaho Librarian. Yet, I am hesitant to voice it because I have not submitted anything for publication to them. If I have not been willing to be involved by writing, then who am I to criticise? Be that as it may I'm going to write it anyway. Particularly, since I voiced it in the meeting. The periodical has not been coming out on a regular basis in recent years. If this is because of a lack of articles being submitted, then won't the peer review process bog it down further?

Well, time will tell how this will play out...


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