Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ILA: Active Learning Potions for Information Literacy

Presentation by Spencer Jardine

This was a great presentation to end the conference with. Spencer had us interacting with each other and him. His handout lists 14 different activities that can be integrated into bibliographic instruction.
1. Listening teams
2. Groups applying the CRAAP test
3. Visual quiz
4. Quick/pop quiz
5. Demonstrations aka demos
6. Worksheets
7. Citation assignment
8. Lecture
9. Think-pair-share
10. Analogies & stories
11. Object lessons
12. Identify the term
13. Jeopardy review
14. Student blogs

Some of these he demonstrated, or rather used us to demonstrate. Unfortunately time ran out and we didn't get to discuss all of them. I really liked the way this session became truly participatory. I guess that says something about active learning techniques.


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