Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Idea

I get tired of boring verbiage laden screen-savers in the library, don't you? Well, I had a brainwave a few weeks ago and I'm so happy it is working. Here are the steps and everyone is welcome steal this idea.

1. Find a bunch of book jackets/book covers/books. You'll want 30 - 40 so you won't have to update the screen saver very often.

2. Find a smart employee (here, her name is Emily), have her scan the books covers and create .jpgs. After scanning, have the clever boots add text about Books in the Library and the call numbers.

3. This step may be optional, but for us, we had to get buy-in from our systems department. They had to do the critical thing of going to every computer and deleting all photos from the My Pictures folder replacing them with the book .jpgs.

4. Next the systems people changed the screen-saver to the one that rotates pictures from the My Pictures folder.

5. Done

It works beautifully. We are very happy with this. It showcases new and interesting books.

To check out our book jackets see our flickr account at:

-- Jenny

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