Thursday, February 28, 2008

University of Utah Library - Salt Lake City

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WOW, this was the first automated storage and retrieval system I had ever seen. University of Utah is currently in the process of a major build and remodel so much of the library was in flux. In any case, this storage system houses all of their government documents. (No there was no bloodletting in this decision because everyone was thrilled that every document would be cataloged!)

Almost all of the bins are not locked. This means a bin is retrieved and brought to staff who pull the book/item for the patron. When the item is returned it goes into whatever bin is handy, not the original. I know this is scary for many-me included. No one will ever be able to browse anything in this collection.

A few bins are locked, meaning that items retrieved from them are returned to the them. Special collections materials are the main source for locked bin materials. The storage area is climate controlled and dark, perfect preservation conditions.

For more fuzzy pictures of the University of Utah Library see:

I can't wait to go back and see how the rest of the library looks when finished. - Jenny

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