Thursday, February 28, 2008

Salt Lake City Public Library

heat cool vent
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Okay, so the library is stupendously beautiful, innovative, interesting, and delightful. But what am I most impressed with? This. This is a picture of the floor. See the square and the circle. These are very important things. I haven't been in very many buildings that didn't have two big problems.

1. Enough power outlets where needed
2. Even and moderate heating and cooling

The situation at my library was once so bad that we had to wear summer clothes in the winter to survive the overheating and winter clothes in summer to survive the overcooling.

This cool SLC public library floor is raised, so that conduit and wires can be run underneath. AND it is covered in carpet squares that are easy to replace.

If I ever get to commission a library they are getting one of these floors.

For more pictures of the Salt Lake City library see:

-- Jenny aka The Wandering Librarian

P.S. Sorry bout the blurry, this was before I go the new camera.

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