Friday, October 05, 2007

Susan Swetnam - Carnegie Public Libraries - Lunch

Lunch with Susan Swetnam “Role of Women’s Clubs in establishing Idaho’s Carnegie Public Libraries”

This was a very interesting lunch presentation. She discussed how Intermountain West Carnegie libraries used different types of marketing schema to bring the library to life in their community.
  1. Growth, capitalism, show we're an up and coming community with great economic prospects (promoted by Chambers of Commerce and business people)
  2. Family values, we're emphasizing family values and providing good clean activities (promoted by religious groups)
  3. Educating against repression (promoted by non-religious groups)
  4. Women's Clubs used different words, but in seemed that they were raising the educational and prestige tone of the community.
I can't wait to buy her book once she publishes it!

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