Thursday, October 04, 2007

Podcasting - day one

Making some Noise: Podcasting & the Power of RSS

Why RSS?
1. Better consumers of information
2. creating content for users

Student Life blog for institution (hcc central) push rss feeds from library into webct, student life blogs etc…

Articles relevant to course content funneled to own pages
[Podcasting is a factory for making apple pies for whales]

Library’s are recording book talks, story time, newbooks, blurb reading, local history. Participatory web

To podcast you will need sound reducing microphone headset.

Look for podsafe music

RSS building tools:
• Rss to javascript:
• Feed2JS:
• Feed Digest:

RSS enabled blog:

Podcasting Tools

• podcasting creation
o (free use website)
o (free download, don’t forget the LAME mpe encoder download)

This was a fabulous session by Shell Drumm a dynamic speaker with an easygoing style. It was a fun, interesting and informative session!!

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