Friday, October 05, 2007

Joy on the Job - day two

Fun is one way to bring joy to work

  1. gain perspective
  2. check belief system (the sun rises)
  3. solutions
    1. win win
    2. talk it out
    3. ask for what you need
  4. Stress strengths instead of warring with weaknesses
  5. Neutral space for problem solving
  6. discover joy of great teamwork
    1. Create hall of shame to showcase what didn’t work. This celebrates the creative process and the need for trying
  7. don’t be a parent at the office
    1. you cannot delegate standing up for yourself
  8. Get advanced training
    1. You are the CEO of your life
  9. develop a sound support system
  10. humor at work is good
  11. enjoy work/life balance
  12. develop inner harmony
  13. sleep, eat right, workout
    1. look for mood foods and power foods
Surrender what can’t be changed
Go with the flow
Call on the curious witness
Acknowledge feelings
It will tell when agonizing/fretting over something I have no control over or business about.

What are important employee motivations and morale boosters?
• Valuable contributions by sharing personal gifts, skills and talents
• Respect & fair treatment
• Pay linked to performance
• Rewarding relationships
• Create flow state, discover how to generate it in self
Not boring, not too difficult
Challenges that help learn and grow
• Develop employee strengths
• Flexible hours and other work conditions
• Encourage healthy self expression
• Support the culture
• Feedback, coaching and mentoring
• Adequate resources
• Opportunities for growth & advancement

Effective communication techniques
• Shut up and listen
• Ask: what do you want

Meaningful conflict
• Agree that disagreements are inevitable. No personal attacks
• Difficult people
Hold boundaries, don’t fight back
When personally attacked ask ‘could you please repeat that
4 / 2 breathing
Clench and release frustration

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