Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LiLI Training: Ebsco

Very interesting presentation on three databases 1. Auto Repair Reference Center, 2. Book Collectoin: Nonfiction, and 3. Book Index with Reviews.

1. Auto Repair
Oldest coverage is for the Kaiser Jeep or Volkswagon Bug (1945-1967)
In 1967 domestic car coverage begins using Chiltons info
In 2004 and moving into the present car information is coming from Delphi
In 2004 added wiring diagrams from Valley Forge

Weakness: keyword searching

2. Book Collection: Nonfiction
Treating books like journals (chapter indexing)...
Marc records are available (*856* field) for these items
Image collection items are from the Getty Image Collection

3. Book Index with Reviews
While music and videos are included in their own sections, they do not include reviews, but only include publication info.

Popularity ranking is from Baker and Taylor sales to whomever--mostly libraries)

I need to look at #3 more closely. We ran out of time.

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