Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LiLI Training: Proquest

1. eLibrary Curriculum Edition
Everything is full-text
1500+ full-text magazine titles
170+ full-text newspapers
(includes French and Spanish language titles)
170 transcript sources (e.g. 60 minutes or Good Morning America)
Requires Apple Quicktime plugin

Additional features:
multiple result list sorting
email articles
spell checker
create temporary bibliography with "my list" (does not have a portal function)

Can change the default through the admin interface to boolean instead of the natural language search

Each icon of type (news, books, pictures, etc.) is clickable and results in a list of sources

Use the topic search to browse content, including websites. This is the only way to access the editor reviewed and selected websites. This is also a tab near the top.

Another tab is Reference and provides thesaurus, encyclopedia, dictionary and other reference resources.

Bookcarts can be created to provide permanent access to selected resources on a topic. Must be done through admin

The database is a mini-library of full text resources for all subject areas for everyone from kindergarten to university students. There are academic and peer reviewed journals in the database, along with overviews of subject areas. This is a good "encyclopedia" type resource. Where we used to go the home encyclopedia for answer now we can begin with eLibrary Curriculum Edition.

2. eLibrary Elementary Edition
Similar search interface is that the source list is pared down to a subset of the eLibrary Curriculumn Edition
75 magazines

(Can we create direct links to 3. & 4. right now they are only linked from the eLibrary Curriculum Edition)

When searching from eLibrary watch the results tabs. Results can come from #3 & #4 and are displayed only via the tabs "Literature" and "History".

3. ProQuest Learning: Literature
180,000 Searchable works
Author pages
- biography
- criticism
- bibliography
- reference resources
persistent links

Needs either RealMedia Player or Windows Media Player to view or listen to multimedia files

Knowledge Notes Study Guides
100+ plot overviews and notes

500+ Study Units
65 history guides
371 historical journals
dynamic maps e.g. show battles

Study units include editor selected websites.

Online training is available check out: http://www.proquestk12.com/

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