Monday, November 06, 2006

BYU Idaho

I had such a great time visiting with the BYU Idaho librarians on Friday Nov. 3rd. We learned a LOT. My previous post includes all my notes from our discussion on Instruction / Information Literacy.

Here are a few more things I thought were interesting.

The reference desk is open all hours the library is open. It is staffed by students. For a few hours each week the paraprofessionals work on the desk (but they do this voluntarily). The professional librarians are available for consultation at most times. {I don't fully agree with this decision, but can see where it works for them. They do not have any graduate level programs.}

All student employees are required to attend weekly training sessions! Wow, that would be great.

Student employees are offered three online training modules. Each includes, worksheets and quizzes. The first module includes a shelving exam. The third module includes a presentation at a training session. Each module is tied to raises, .10, .15, and .25 cent increments. No more than one module can be taken per semester.

Students make very good money starting at $6.70

No homework can be done on work time. Instead, during down times the students are required to do shelf reading.

What are the largest difficulties/opportunities facing the library?

1. Advertising the library exists and what it has and can do.
2. Keeping up with technology and changes in information delivery
3. Money
4. Balance between online and print
5. Resources

The librarians at BYU Idaho were warm, funny, knowledgeable and very interesting. I got a lot out of this road trip and I think everyone else did too.

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