Friday, August 05, 2016

Safety, Security, & Self Defense

The session began with a video from Ohio State "Run Hide Fight"

 There are four sections to the comprehensive training plan as implemented by Eastern Washington University.

1. Safe environment
2. Self defense
3. Workplace safety
4. First aid

1. Safe Environment Training
They hired an outside consultant (Joe Fithian) to run a 7 hour training session.
2. Self Defense Training
Brought in someone from the Police department for ~2 hours
3. Preventative Measures
Situational awareness, plan of action,
3b. Workplace Safety Training
Police came in to analyze service points and workspace to assist in recognizing dangers and opportunities, such as escape routes, hiding places, and self defense options.
4. First Aid
Fire department, but could have brought in training from a variety of sources including hospital, or Red Cross

They distribute detailed building plans with exits marked and icons for the locations of First Aid Kits, Trauma Kits, and Disaster Kits.

In dangerous situations it's useful for everyone to recognize use the same code word or physical action like pulling on an ear a l'a Carol Burnett.

Policy to not verify students work status, schedules or other personal information via the phone.

2-4 times a year employees are invited to attend a safety session.  This is made up of a video and discussion.
Once a year or so for first aid training.

They have also hosted training for emergency and law enforcement personnel. They did it when the library was closed and the librarians were able to volunteer to be the victims.   This included classroom instruction for the personnel, then increasingly difficult scenarios.

This was a fascinating session and I have a lot of information to digest and training to implement.

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