Friday, August 05, 2016

Disability Awareness Training

Another great session, this one focused on updating our understanding of interactions, communications, services and resources for people with disabilities.

According to the 2006 Canadian Census every seventh person has a disability.  One of the new terms/concepts for me was the idea of aging into disability.

From a survey:
What is helpful
  • Accessing catalogue from home
  • Home delivery
  • Plain language
  • Staff accessing shelves on my behalf
  • Being given extra time
  • Staff open to various communication modes
What are barriers
  • Physical environment
  • Time on computer
  • Standing in line or carrying items
  • Crowded public seating
  • Cognitive demands
  • Asking for help and feeling like I take too much time
  • Confusing signage
  • Patronizing, impatient or insensitive staff
Universal Design
Fix the environment, the issue or barrier in the environment (not the individual)

Principles of Universal Design
  • Equitable Use
  • Flexibility in Use
  • Simple and Intuitive
  • Perceptible Information
  • Tolerance for Error
  • Low Physical Effort
  • Size and Space for Approach and Use
Diversity is normal

Take time to do more research on these topics:
  • Person First Language
  • Cognitive Disabilities

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