Thursday, February 25, 2010

Utah Library Association in May

I will be presenting with my colleagues Cheryl Sebold, Annie Smith and Regina Koury at the Utah Library Association Conference this May 12-14. Our session is Friday afternoon.

Advice from the Trenches: Evaluating & Selecting Databases, Decoding Sales Speak, Negotiating Licenses, Tracking & Analyzing Database Usage

This is a four part presentation on the evaluation, selection and re-evaluation of electronic databases. The first part on evaluation will include demonstrations of free online assessment tools, review sources, rubrics, and ideas for comparing apples to apples instead of tangerines and kumquats. The second section will have tips for decoding the sales pitch into real decision making information. The third part includes advice on dealing with vendors and negotiating the terms of license agreements. Our costly, recent difficulties with existing licensing agreements will be aired. Lastly, the re-evaluation of databases through statistics tracking and assessment will be discussed.

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