Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Wednesday Morning session - Jenny's two cents

Alane Wilson: "Perceptions of Library Users"

In 2003 OCLC published their big research project findings
2003 Environmental Scan: Pattern Recognition

As a result of finding that libraries don't come up in Google when someone searches for books, they created the Open WorldCat project. We need to make sure we optimize library web pages for search engines.

Worth thinking about
Does the future of libraries depend on their ability to meet the needs of users?
1. How do we reach those who don't use our services.
2. How do we determine what will be useful/needed when the users don't know.

After the OCLC Environmental Scan was published people kept asking OCLC if they were going to provide more information. This gave rise to what she called "Son of Scan"
Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources (2005)

Much of her talk was based on the information from this "son of scan" document. Kris has done an amazing job of transcribing the facts, and words of this presentation.

Comments from presentation that I thought were interesting:

* Service and physical environments can be done better

* Nostalgia element is important, strong visceral connection, but that doesn't trade into actual use.

* Librarians provide a good service, but users don’t want to leave their home.

Another OCLC document worth checking (it may be the smallest of the three)
2004 Information Format Trends

-- Jenny

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