Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Digital Natives Panel - Jenny's two cents

Digital Natives Panel

Kris' has already covered this, extremely well. I just wanted to add a few names and ages along with a few quotes... -- Jenny

Name - age, hobby
Brian –12, football
Kris – 16, music, gameboy
Sam – 17, sports, hanging out
Roy – 17, soccer
Jenna – 14, dancer
Morgan – 12, soccer
Ben – 15, skateboard
Katie – 17, softball
Becky – 16, draw

How do you mostly listen to music?
Ipod, Ipod, Ipod, radio, friend’s Ipod, radio, MP3 player I can’t afford an Ipod

Any of you text message
Ben: 1,000 texts per month anything over he has to pay for
Katie: has unlimited texting and she does it all the time
Becky: texts unlimited +1000 to other networks
Morgan: doesn’t have anything to text with
Jenna: 1,000 text possible and doesn’t do much
Roy: doesn’t have cell phone probably wouldn’t text
Sam: doesn’t text because he’d have to pay for it
Kris: doesn’t have cell phone because of parents
Brian: doesn’t have cell phone because of parents

Instant messaging?
Becky, AIM, and all the rest, uses myspace instead anymore.
Katie: has AOL but doesn’t get on it. In middle school always on. Parent’s limited time
Roy; yahoo, msn & aim, doesn’t have time to be on computer
Morgan; parents won’t allow it
Jenna; have msn & aim, gets on sometimes, till bored
Roy; msn & aim, yeah
Sam; yes
Kris; my parents are against it because of the same reasons as the no myspace
Brian; don’t have any instant messaging he thinks they’re weird, why not just call them. My
sister has it and she has it popping up all the same and 16 people are trying to talk to her when
he uses the computer. Really annoying

What would you change in the library?
· Really hard to work in a group when computer space is too narrow and restrictive
· Flat screen computers, cool looking, nice to tell the library you’re coming in and let them
know what you are researching so they can pull stuff
· Area so you can talk and make noise
· Area for bigger groups to work on projects, round tables
· Faster computers, way to find books easier in the physical library
· Finding a book easier, know subject you’re looking for and nothing comes up
· Easier to find books on your subject
· Internet access on computers, windows 98 is getting pretty slow… upgrade
· New fast computers, fast internet, easier to find books “in the D section”

I think we're going to have to have a true "noisy" area in the library. Something with a CNN feed or music or NPR or something... There's got to be a better way to help them find the books on the shelves. I wonder how/if RFID would interface with cell phones.... Then their cell phone could vibrate when they near the book. :)


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