Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Trip Report - Effective Supervision II - day one

Another two days of training with the very entertaining British woman.

Day One:
The Supervisor’s Role in Impacting Performance

This was a day of learning about how to coach, when to coach and who to coach.

There was a lot of discussion on what motivates people. Interestingly enough money only comes in at #4. However, it is recognized as an important motivator particularly if said money does or does not provide a decent living. We had tests on performance values, motivation (i.e. what motivates us, what would motivate others), and what do people what from their jobs. And there were lots of “fun” role-playing activities to do in small groups.

From the manual page 1 –19

11 Guaranteed Ways to Kill Motivation:

  1. Tell the employee exactly how to do the job
  2. Stress busy-ness rather than results
  3. Manipulate employees rather than treat them as adults
  4. Care only about yourself and your concerns
  5. Don’t listen to employees’ ideas, concerns, or suggestions
  6. Dwell on weaknesses and failures
  7. Never tell an employee what they’re doing right
  8. Don’t get them involved
  9. Don’t give any awards
  10. Never provide opportunities for growth or challenge
  11. Either expect second best or absolute perfection.

The video for the day was “Whale Done” a very good movie about how trainers for a seaworld work with Orcas. It was very entertaining. Many of us are ready for a career change to whale trainer.

Supervising for Success

This part of the day focused on the performance management cycle and coaching, it included a six-step coaching model:

  1. State what has been observed
  2. Wait for a response
  3. Remind them of the goal
  4. Ask for a specific solution
  5. Agree together on a course of action
  6. Make it private and positive

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