Saturday, March 19, 2005

Trip Report: Effective Supervision I - day two

Day Two

Establishing Effective Workplace Relationship

This was a brief bit on self-assessment and the value of honest, respectful, communicative relationships.

Performance Driven Leadership

More discussion of leadership styles and this section referenced the interpersonal styles work mentioned at the beginning. There was a lot of information and exercises. Info included:

Twelve Identifiable Traits of Organizational Fear

  1. Increased telling of untruths
  2. People hiding mistakes
  3. People hesitating to exercise initiative and take risks
  4. Productivity decreasing and “extra efforts” disappearing
  5. C.Y.A. (cover your anatomy) becoming an art form
  6. Increased passive/aggressive behavior
  7. High AT&T (absenteeism, tardiness and turnover)
  8. Obsequious behavior
  9. Blaming
  10. Informing
  11. Hostile interpersonal relationships
  12. Overall demonstration of negativity

Primary Root Causes of Poor Leadership Performance

  • Ineffective communication
  • One-dimensional leadership
  • Unwillingness to subordinate self
  • Fear-based style
  • Distancing from responsibility
  • Abrasive/abusive conduct
  • Poor delegation strategies
  • Failure of example
  • Remaining a “buddy”
  • Micromanagement
  • Disillusioned with leadership
  • Inability to lead change
  • Violations of trust

Five Principles of Empowerment

  1. Give people important work to do on critical issues
  2. Give people discretion and autonomy over their tasks and resources
  3. Give visibility to others and provide recognition for their efforts
  4. Build relationships for others, connecting them with powerful people and finding them sponsors and mentors.
  5. Help others to develop their own personal power and effectiveness

Traits of an Innovative Leader

  1. They have a mission
  2. They create a vision
  3. They trust their employees
  4. They keep their heads in a crisis
  5. They encourage risk-taking
  6. They are experts
  7. They know what is essential
  8. They listen
  9. They are teachers and mentor

Leadership Beatitudes Are:

Be bold and challenge the status quo

Be a risk taker

Be authentic and approachable

Be a role model

Be out and about

Be courageous

Be inspirational

There is a lot of information in the manual I received. All of the above is quoted from the manual, which quotes other sources. There is a large bibliography of recommended reading too.

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