Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Pocatello web conference

Opening session:

Virtual reality tour (click on door to go to next room)

WML (wireless markup language for web pages on pdas)

XSL (style sheets to go with XML)

Session 2A Web Site Usability: Keys to Making Online Shopping Easy & Fun


Credit Cards

swipe machines / software / real-time processing

visa & mc 80% of market = 1.3-5% of order

am exp 2.95-3.75% of order

disc 2.25-5.25% of order

Order Processing

Cyber Cash (3rd party takes 1.5-2% of sale) (3rd party)

Shopping Carts (free) (free) (175$) (example of speed cart) (example of standard cart)

3 click rule

Other (taxes) (shipment tracking)

Customer Service

Returns policy

Help FAQ

Shipping costs & policies

My account

Store locator

Give incentive to sign up!

Make other purchase options available (fax, snail, phone)


One to one marketing

Track my order

Wish List

Gift registry

No more than 10 main links on navigation bar

First page is window shopping

Calls to action Act Now! Or Search

Timely Terms (i.e. today, now, month)

Session 3B Pushing the Envelope: Examples from the Web’s Cutting-Edge Designs

How to create 3d pictures or spin objects

Kaiden -> Software -> MGI Photovision (comes with Dreamweaver, plugin or applet) or VRPanoWorx (300$)

Seam or scene blending

Opening doors in 3d not available in MGI

IBM Hot Media

Related links -> developer resources -> stitching tool

Devoteen fabric does not reflect light

Circle of paper taped to tripod and marked with compass for degrees

GE easy turn turn table from walmart with graduated white tape in millimeters to spin object

Session 2C You Built it – But Will They Come? Essentials of Driving Traffic to Your Site

Search engine rankings (relevance, prominence, popularity)

Words into metatags

Words at top of pages

Use comment lines

Register “about us” pages

Use alt tags in images

Use keywords up to 7 times

Keyword at top & bottom of page

Thank you for visiting site xyz

Title 50 characters

Doorway pages

Session 2D Top Web Marketing Secrets Revealed!

Calls to action (words)


Added value





Message board

Guest book

Free stuff


(, (url minder) collect email addresses for insight on tracking software

or (netanalysis)

view page in other browsers

banner ads 15k max 468 x 60

button ads 125 x 125

javascript on splash to detect if someones been there “skp splash”

YOU is a good word

Willing to wait 8 seconds to load page

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