Monday, November 20, 2000

Field Trip Notes: Utah State & Weber State

Utah State

sun microsystems processor for terminal (Thin Clients)
Netscape only
fiber connection
educational grant funded 25,000 of the total 50,000
60 terminals +server
router to server
can't download, .05/page to circulation
includes star software (european competitor to microsoft)
download available on other floors

"Library Research Only" signs on computers
not censoring format

Use fortress instead of winshield

Service Desks
1 central ref on 1st floor (15 years)
space considerations!
documents training sessions
copies of major gov't documents ref in ref collection
(andriots, catalog, climatological data)

maps and documents have offices

documents journals (and all bound) integrated into collection

UN reclass into lc stacks
Utah docs into special collections

have stat universe, academic and congressional through UALC

Student library fee 8.00 (2 of which goes to technology)
computer center charges 40$ every semester for students and gives all students internet accounts.

Research consultation service
10% ready ref, last year 38 requests in Oct, this year 74 requests in Oct
3 working day response
direct to databases and examples of serch strategies

promoting service in instruction classes
3 credit fys type class
english instructors fresh & soph

abi inform and newspapers from Bell & HOwell via UALC
literary resource center -- Ualc

Digital Dissertations!! <500 phd's in state = $10,000.00 97-date
some are full text(?)

Staffing Desk
70 hrs per week
8-9 m-th
8-5 f
1-5 sat
6-10 sun night

1 classified, 2 retired part time (odd shifts)
12 reference librarians
2 documents librarians

double staff 10-12 & 1-3

mcnaught new books (novels)
printer in classroom
flat screen monitor in classroom

no copy center
current periodicals desk (manned by students)
ILL does own copying and Ariel
they are adding Prospero to Ariel

use copy cards
10cents / copy


offices not on same floor as reference desk

reference assistant provides secretarial help, maintains collection

due to theft, maps are locked and only available 8:30-4:30

full color/full size copies of maps are availble for 3.00$ via a plotter.

screensaver on all reference machines states: Please see a librarian for help

message center podium and pad in lounge entry area



color printer as option from reference stations

library research course required for history majors

desk open
7-midnight m-th
7-8pm f
9-8 sat
noon-6 sun
11 faculty (including director) (3 fac don't work reference)
3 para's work reference desk with 1 profess.

desk staffed with staff hours library is open.

do have copy center
.25 color
.05 other

ILL in back

Integrated desktop area on the second floor, using lower end computers and no service desk.

Merged bound periodicals into general stacks.

documents under reference

curriculum collection for education

have a stacks manager

wireless network access in parts of the building

copyright clearance

carrels in reference to provide privace and neatness

Dialog phased out naturally

classroom: dark walls, raised sound panels

second campus going in Layton

all Faculty/Staff, student assitants get free printing in library

gov docs office where material is processed then also ref docs libr does instruction also.

.05 cents reader printer costs.

have canned powerpoint and canned presentation for instruction equiv fresh eng & fys attend

open workshops available to community and well attended.
advertised in local newspaper, campus newspaper, campus bulletin, flyers

1993-present fte pricing edrs

15.00 year weber
50.00 year USU

Altiris software
sends signal and recovers machine settings.

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