Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Radical Idea...

I was listening to a presentation by a vendor about some new product.  Yada yada yada buy this, isn't it great yada yada.  And the reality is, I'd love to have that product in our library.  BUT our budget is so tight we cannot buy anything that has a recurring expense.  So my head hurts and I'm a little distracted so I'm not really paying that much attention.  I'm pondering the dilemma so many of us face. I have one time money in this years budget that I'll be spending but I can't spend it on recurring expenses...


I then asked.  Why can't you give us a contract/license for the product for five years and charge us up front at a discount for the entire five years.  This would allow us to use one time money for something we want. It pays them for something we would not otherwise purchase.  Seems like a win win.  

Needless to say the salesperson was a bit taken aback.  Two weeks later we hear back that they're willing to do a two year contract and are still discussing five and are not ready yet to give us a quote.

I think this is an idea that is going to really work.  It's time for a new model of purchasing.  I know that in five years I may or may not be able to continue the product but with the way the information landscape changes I probably won't need it, or will have the money to continue it.  Hard to say right now, but I'd have that amazing new resource now and for five years...

Since this initial contact I've asked another vendor for a five year license and quote...  I'll let you know if it works out.  Keep your fingers crossed.

-- Jenny

*I tried to find the owner of this image or at least an original location. Sadly I have not yet found it or I would be attributing the source.  If anyone does know who took this amazing photo, please let me know.

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