Monday, September 21, 2009

PNLA, Missoula 2009

Favorite Sessions:

Flickr & Digital Image Collections @ Your Library – Jason Clark & Bonnie McCallum, Montana State University:

A terrific session, it covered why they chose Flickr, how they did it, and why it works. I learned a LOT and now need to update my own photos to include geotagging, better descriptions; internal links back to collections/sets, links out to my own pages, and improving search engine indexing. I had no idea that Flickr had statistics for my account. This was probably the most informative/useful session I attended.

Free Yourself from Copyright and Get Creative with Creative Commons – Connie Strittmatter and Rene Tanner, Montana State University

This was another solid session. It included information on what Creative Commons is, is not, and how it works. They showed the youtube video: and I highly recommend it. Other useful links include:, and

My one indulgence was dinner at Ciao Mambo, an AMAZING Italian Restaurant on Higgins Ave. in Missoula. I totally recommend the Quattro Formaggio Ravioli and the Zeppolis (bite sized pizza dough, deep fried like donuts, dusted with powdered sugar and served with dipping sauce…)

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