Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Space & Building Ideas

1. Study rooms
Making two rooms into one
Instead of accordion walls use collapsible panels or a garage door

1b. Special study rooms
Presentation ready (computer & projector)
Screening room (big screen tv with dvd player)

2. Flooring
Durable materials for all entry or heavy use spaces
Carpet squares so that you can replace those that wear out

3. Decor
Neutral colors, textures
Real colors used lavishly
Classic themes not trendy

4. Natural light, windows

5. Piece of collection should be visible from all study areas

6. Offices
With windows because staff/faculty spend the most time in the library
Minimum 124 sq ft

7. Seating/chairs
Variety is the key

8. Showcase special collections

9. Find learning partners and bring into space
Tutoring services: Speech, English, Math
Honors school
Graduate Schools
Centers for teaching & learning
Caveat, IT will always need more space

10. Movable furniture, walls, whiteboards, laptops...

11. Nooks and crannies, places for individuals to study

12. Quiet study areas (frequently glassed in to keep the areas open

13. Cafes and coffee spots

14. Art displays and galleries

15. Auditoriums, lecture halls, classrooms

16. Lighting
automatic brightening with motion sensors
attached to stacks

17. Shelving
low shelving for expansive feel and to see what is going on
compact shelving to conserve space

18. Beware of installing or allowing the installation of spaces that require special equipment to clean.

19. Beware of installing special lights that require special equipment in order to change the bulb.

20. Beware of ledges on windows across from balcony in atrium. You'll be continually clearing out paper airplanes...

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